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A dedicated and personal service

We offer all of our clients a dedicated personal service; each client has their very own personal account manager, on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the network owner we are able to immediately adjust your tariff and can provide remote digital support should this be required. We also regularly review your contract spend to ensure you are receiving the best possible value.

Understanding how important your phone is to you, we include handset insurance at no extra cost. If you lose or damage your phone your account manager will endeavour to have a loan handset delivered to you within 48 hours.

We also like to ensure that our clients have access to the very latest handsets available on the market, this will often mean that handsets are delivered to them on the first day of release.



Providing clients with unrivalled levels of security and privacy

With industry leading security software added to all devices, your phone will be protected against malware and viruses. This software also enables us to encrypt phones and tablets, and remotely wipe them should your phone or tablet be lost or stolen.

We also ensure that our clients’ personal information is secure. All of our systems are owned and managed by us, with account information completely anonymised. The content of our clients’ communications also remains completely private, unlike some network operators, we do not have access to view any content.



Tailored service to suit your needs

As the network operator we are able to tailor our pricing. So, in addition to our set tariffs we can create tariffs to suit your individual requirements. By simply profiling your current usage patterns your account manager will advise you of the best options.

Should you require it we can also make immediate changes to your account. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week our account managers can assist with any changes from upgrades to bolt-ons.



Essential extras at no extra cost

In addition to providing clients with the upmost levels of service and security, we provide some essential extras at no extra charge.

All SELECT handsets include protection cover, this provides you with the reassurance that if your phone is lost or damaged you will receive a loan handset until a new or repaired handset is arranged. Your account manager will endeavour to have a loan handset delivered to you within 48 hours of the issue being reported.

Our security applications are also added to your phone at no extra cost. Protecting you against malware and viruses this application will ensure that your private information remains secure at all times.

Unlike other mobile phone providers our clients can contact us at any time; from simple requests to technical support we are here whenever you need our support.

Your Concierge

SELECT Technology Concierge

In addition to our mobile phone network, we are able to support our clients’ home technology requirements.

In partnership with an experienced and well respected Home AV company, we can offer our support on both immediate and larger scale projects. From the installation of smart home systems like Control4, to the installation of Sky, our engineers are able to assist clients throughout the UK and internationally.

For more information please call us on +44 (0)333 2407 247.

About SELECT Technology Concierge

About Us

SELECT was founded by two disciplinary experts from the mobile communications and digital security industries. Understanding the increased importance of mobile communications and the heighten risk to clients personal data, they set out to create a Mobile Network that would offer the very highest levels of service and security.

In 2013 the SELECT Mobile Network obtained its Mobile Virtual Operator license. The Network utilises the infrastructure of major phone operators around the world to ensure clients receive optimal coverage.

Could a Humble Watch Become the Most Exciting Tech Release in a Decade?

SELECT Technology Concierge,

Could a Humble Watch Become the Most Exciting Tech Release in a Decade?

The last quarter of 2014 saw a surge in new releases, from BlackBerry’s new Passport, to the face lifted suite of iPhones. Despite bringing a raft of updates and some clever software changes its fair to say that none of these devices could be labelled as true ‘game changers’, but could this all be set to change in 2015?

Perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated devices of the past decade is set to be released by Apple in the New Year. The Apple Watch aims to make technology more accessible, but will people be willing to swap their classic Rolex for something a little more innovative? To understand how big a piece of innovation this will be we need to understand how this device will function, and what its core purpose actually is. Firstly, it’s important to point out that the Apple Watch won’t make your iPhone redundant, as it relies on the iPhone for connectivity.

Being Apple’s first piece of wearable technology their greatest challenge has been to incorporate so much sophisticated technology into such a small device. The answer for the Apple Watch was to come in the form of a digital crown, or scroll button at the side of the device; this small multifunctional input device will enable you to zoom, scroll and select items without covering what is undoubtedly a small screen.

However, perhaps the most exciting innovation is the new touch and force technology; you will be able to wake the display by simply raising your wrist and trigger a range of controls by simply varying the force of your touch, from a light tap to a deep press the watch will recognise your request. Apple have also installed a Taptic engine; your watch will give you the most gentle of taps whenever you receive an alert or notification, enabling you to always feel connected.

The Apple Watch is also set to become your very own personal trainer/physician. With visible-light LEDs and photodiodes the watch will be able to detect your heart rate, and alongside an accelerometer, GPS and Wi-Fi, your phone will be able to measure all kinds of physical movement.

And for those individuals who see their watch as an extension of their attire, Apple has provided you with countless design options. Firstly, the watch is available in two different sizes, there are six materials used for the face and four different styles of straps. From a watch that you might wear on a run to something suited to a smart dinner, you will be able to create a watch to suit your individual needs.

So, the all-important question, will this device be the success Apple is hoping for? Surely the answer has to be a resounding yes; all of their releases seem to be joyfully embraced by a gaggle of Apple addicts. The Apple Watch is set to deliver truly ground-breaking technology which is surely as good a reason as any to buy one?

SELECT Mobile - Mobile Partner to the AFA and The Footballers Club

SELECT Technology Concierge,

SELECT Mobile - Mobile Partner to the AFA and The Footballers Club

SELECT are delighted to announce that they are now the Mobile Partner to the Association of Football Agents and The Footballers Club.

The Footballers Club, developed in Association with The AFA, is an exclusive, private members website providing Professional Footballers, their families and their management Agents with access to high quality brands, product and services providers.

For more information and to access the members only portal please click here.

How safe is the cloud? SELECT speak to The Telegraph about the ways to protect personal information

SELECT Technology Concierge,

How safe is the cloud? SELECT speak to The Telegraph about the ways to protect personal information

In recent weeks we have seen a number of Hollywood celebrities fall victim to leaked images.

Whilst the FBI investigate who is responsible and how such images were obtained, it raises questions about the safety of the cloud and reminds us all of the importance of having tight security credentials in place.

SELECT Director, Oliver Crofton, speaks with The Sunday Telegraph about the risks associated with the public cloud and the steps that can be taken to improve your security setup.

To read the full article please click here.

Recent iCloud attack reminds us all of the importance of having strong passwords

SELECT Technology Concierge,

Recent iCloud attack reminds us all of the importance of having strong passwords

SELECT comment on the the recent iCloud hack that has revealed private images belonging to some of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

The recent iCloud hack reminds us all of the importance of having strong passwords in place on all of our devices.

Follow our simple steps to ensure that your passwords are secure.

How To Choose a Strong Password?

  1. Passwords should contain both lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.
  2. Avoid using any personal information.
  3. Ensure that you setup different passwords for every account that you own.
  4. Change your passwords regularly.
  5. Ensure that your security questions can’t be easily guessed.

To read the full BBC News article please click here.

The Pocket Sized Threat - How can we ensure our smartphones don't turn against us?

SELECT Technology Concierge,

The Pocket Sized Threat - How can we ensure our smartphones don't turn against us?

By the end of 2013 the number of smartphones shipped worldwide surpassed the 1 billion mark; mobile phones have, whether we like it or not, firmly taken centre stage in all of our lives.

As our phones’ capabilities seemingly evolve overnight we all recognise that making a phone call has now become about the most basic function that our phones can perform. Your mobile device now doubles up as an office, a Personal Assistant and even your boarding pass for the plane. With this raised position of importance in our lives we have placed increased pressure on our mobile devices. We all dread the day we lose our phone or it stops working, but possibly the scariest concern, and perhaps the most unknown, is the risk to our private information should the security of our phone be compromised.

Sadly in recent years we have all become far more alert to the potential risks of owning a mobile phone. But as people increasingly store sensitive data on their phones, should the security concerns reserved for celebrities and other high profile
individuals now become the concern for all mobile phone owners?

The recent Sophos Mobile Security threat report, launched earlier this year, highlighted how real the threat has become to each and every smartphone owner. We use our phones to complete our most private transactions, from completing our online banking, to sending information about confidential work transactions; we hold nothing back.

With this risk becoming an ever more prevalent threat, we at SELECT decided to take action. Much like your CCTV security system provides you with the reassurance that your physical assets are safe, we felt that your phone should also fill you with that same confidence that your information, in whatever form it exists, is safe.

Realising the gap in the market for a private and secure mobile phone network, we created the SELECT network. Designed and
administered in-house we are able to comprehensively protect the identities of our clients and safeguard their communications whilst providing optimal service coverage around the world and a dedicated client care team available whenever they are needed.

The threat to your personal data generally comes from two directions, internal weakness, for example call centre staff wrongfully selling your information onto third parties, but by far and away the greatest threat comes through hacking techniques and malicious software.

To combat any internal weaknesses we realised how essential it was to only employ well-trained and experienced individuals who understand the importance of maintaining the highest levels of integrity. And to fight off the hackers and malware writers desperate to get hold of your personal data, we go a step further by adding the latest security technology onto all of our clients’ handsets. Unfortunately these aren’t assurances that the mainstream mobile providers can offer.

These threats may sound as though they’ve fallen straight from the plot of a Hollywood movie, but the reality is that they are very real for all of us. If you think about all of the information you have shared, stored and viewed in the past 24 hours on your phone, you soon begin to realise how important your phone security really is.

The article was published within the RFR Market Report.

Happy holidays? How roaming charges can leave you with some unexpected holiday costs

SELECT Technology Concierge,

Happy holidays? How roaming charges can leave you with some unexpected holiday costs

With the summer months fast approaching our thoughts are turning to sandy beaches and foreign climes. Whether you’re travelling to a far-flung destination or taking a quick city break, the last thing you want to return home to is a large mobile phone bill.

In recent years the press have featured many a scare story about bills reaching into the tens of thousands. Children playing games via mobile-internet and the imperative daily upload of snaps to Facebook, are just some of the route causes of these costly charges. The culprit for such charges often stems from high levels of data usage.

But this is an unnecessary headache for holidaymakers, with some forward planning and simple steps it is completely possible to stay in control of spend and rest easy on your sun-bed.

All network providers offer roaming bolt-ons for calls, texts and data. However, it is important to be practical about how far such bolt-ons will actually stretch, paying particular focus on your data usage.

The simplest way to explain this would be to look at how far 100MB will actually go:

- It would enable you to watch 20 minutes of YouTube videos
- Or, if you like to make FaceTime calls 100MB would last for just over 35 minutes.

So, when you combine all of your daily mobile rituals, reading and sending emails, visiting websites, sending Whats App messages and making video-calls, you soon see how a data bolt-on can be quickly used.

To ensure that you are properly protected ahead of departure we would recommend following the SELECT Mobile phone top roaming tips:

1. Always contact your network provider ahead of departure. Your client account manager will be able to add specific roaming bolt-ons to your account to help you manage your spend.

2. Be practical about how much data, minutes and calls you will actually need.

3. Make sure you understand how much time a data roaming bolt-on will actually give you. If you’re likely to be using your phone to the same level that you do when at home, ensure that you are properly covered.

4. Where possible connect to a secure and local Wi-Fi connection. This will help to keep your data usage down considerably.

5. Turn the data roaming setting off on your handset. It isn’t necessary to have this switched on and it will add further charges to your bill.

Control, Remote or Otherwise: How home automation is changing the balance of power

SELECT Technology Concierge,

Control, Remote or Otherwise: How home automation is changing the balance of power

The American writer and futurist Alvin Toffler suggested that “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

It’s an idea that’s as relevant to technology as it is to anything else. The pace of progression and automation at home and work is ever quickening and as a result leaving many people behind.

That’s inevitable of course and in itself nothing new but not everyone is willing to let go, not yet anyway. Many parents of teenage children are old enough to remember life without mobile phones and home computers never mind fully remote controlled multi-room heating, lighting and music systems. And of course remote controlled these days really can mean remote.
Not so much now of the infra red point and press, but instead the ultimate multi-taskers; the smartphones and tablets are employed to control from afar everything from where security cameras are aiming to the temperature of a bath remotely drawn. But it’s the teenage children of the household that now appear best placed to take charge of all this home tech. Or is it?

It’s true that there are more than enough 40-somethings already struggling to keep up with the relentless pace of what can and can’t be done with this gadget and that. How can a parent already provoke disdain and flat disappointment from a teenage son by suggesting they watch a DVD. “Who watches DVDs Dad?” Well, lots of people watch DVDs it’s true but that’s not the point. There are better, easier and more comfortable ways to watch the same movie or ‘content’ as might be said now. And Dad should know all of that, and know how it’s done.

The trouble is though that in many cases Dad does want to know. And know it all. It still seems like a Dad thing; a patriarchal duty to be leading and informative on any technological matters at home from streaming a movie to full home automation. It’s something of a humiliation to be giving it all up to the children. And so soon.

Much of the gadgetry advancement can seem closer to witchcraft and wizardry than science and technology – It’s all in ‘The Cloud’ is it? Well alright then, but only because I can’t prove it isn’t.
It’s easy to believe that the ache to understand and keep up still exists in most of us. It’s just that at a certain age it doesn’t always come that naturally. So returning then to the question of who is in charge and there is much by way of good news.

Apart from the joy and possibilities that all this home automation offers, the best of all is in the design and functionality of these systems. They are now perfectly intuitive, beautifully simple, immediately responsive and readily available. In other words a generation that was losing technological control and worse, losing it to their young children can claim it back all at once. It’s the symbolic recapture of every remote control and gadget in the house. And you don’t even have to be at home to do it.

This article first appeared in PrimeResi.

House of the Rising Solar Panel

SELECT Technology Concierge,

House of the Rising Solar Panel

Energy seems to be the topic of the moment; Ed Miliband used energy prices to beat his drum at the Labour party conference, the National Grid warned of a real threat of energy blackouts this winter, and even Ikea has announced it is to start selling Solar panels.

So is it time for HNWs to start utilising the sprawling land on their country estates to generate electricity and do their bit for the environment?

Solar PV (solar panels) is the most popular choice for green energy in the home. 450,000 homes in the UK are now harvesting the power of the sun to generate electricity, with 2,000 new installations each week.

Looking at the numbers for the typical luxury home outside of London, they do stack up. An average country estate, with the usual tracing-paper windows, non-existent insulation, outhouses, and floodlit stables, will consume around 150,000kWh per annum; that’s around £24,000 per year to you and me.

A solar PV system big enough to cope with an estates energy demand and still pump power back to the grid will cost in the region of £70,000 – £90,000. So over the course of a 20-year period, the magical break-even point is year seven following the installation.

It starts to get interesting after the magical seventh year once the system has paid for itself. With solar, not only does the cost of energy stay the same year on year (energy from the grid is expected to rise 4% every year; unless Miliband manages to beat that drum so someone actually hears it), but also the continued revenue from the grid means you’re starting to turn a tidy profit.

To read the full article click here

Why are non-doms often in the dark? (literally)

SELECT Technology Concierge,

Why are non-doms often in the dark? (literally)

A few months ago, a European princess arrived in London to set up a holiday home so that she can be near her daughter during the school holidays. After engaging with three of London’s finest property finders, she was finally introduced to the perfect London apartment to start what should’ve been a seamless renovation project. But not all went to plan.

Both chic and discreet, she was delighted that the property would be the perfect home, and set about having walls moved, fireplaces changed and every surface within sight redecorated.

Eighteen months into the renovation project and moving day was fast approaching; it was time for the princess’s team to start arranging utilities for the property.

One by one they hit a brick wall. Even though the princess had a bank balance to rival the richest of oligarchs, thanks to a combination of a lack of UK credit history, lack of UK assets and no registered UK company ownership, the recurring response received by her team from utility companies was, ‘I’m sorry we can’t help.’

This is not a unique problem. For years foreign football players have had similar problems trying to get mobile phone companies to provide even the most basic monthly contracts. But why is it now becoming an issue for foreign HNWs wishing to spend a few months of the year in the UK?

First, utility companies are clamping down on credit so that they’re not left in the lurch when customers can’t pay their bills. You may think this is ludicrous considering the value of prime London property; however, as we’ve seen recently, even the salubrious apartments in the One Hyde Park development can fall foul of owners running out of cash.

Secondly, the problem is compounded by the desire to avoid an intimate relationship with HMRC. Even the slightest whiff of extended periods of time in the UK can smash through the most complex of tax structures. Avoiding a name on a utility bill is one way of disassociating oneself from a country.

So apart from saving up ten pence pieces for the electricity meter, and popping down to the corner-shop to purchase top-up credit for a mobile phone, the Princess’s team were determined to find a suitable solution.

After negotiating with electricity providers, they found one that would take ‘high-risk’ customers, but at a premium. Feeling as though they didn’t want to be tarnished with the same brush as real high-risk customers, the team decided keep looking, and eventually they came to us.

While we’ve supported foreign professional athletes (predominantly footballers) with a mobile phone and broadband solution for several years, the requirement for energy and utilities in the home was something new to us; but the principle of sitting between the client and the service provider was the same. So we set about building relationships with major utility providers.

We quickly established ourselves as a wholesaler of utilities, and within a short period of time we had the princess up and running with all utilities at the property.

After speaking with other foreign HNWs who want to spend a few months of the year in the UK, it turns out this is a common issue that seems to be getting worse.

This article first appeared in Spears WM

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